Among the scientific news of the week: as a Roman “game of mercenaries” appeared in Norwegian in Kurgan, the danger that lies in wait for you in the bathroom, a fossil from Antarctica was leathery egg and good-bad or how we distinguish smells.

“Comrade, remember: accuracy is a guarantee of purity,” read a homemade sign on the door of the wooden outhouse toilet type in the resort village on the shores of the Black sea. Cleanliness and hygiene, remember, there was no smell, and smelled completely different.

Since then, much water has flowed, and modern restrooms with drain whiskers — unlike the wooden houses of the 1970-ies, no you stink, everything is clean.

“we Can assume that the rate of expansion of the droplets will be even higher if the restroom is used frequently, for example in the morning in a big family or in public toilets in densely populated areas,” predicts zisan van head of the research group from the University of Yangzhou, the results of which were published in a special edition of Physics of Fluids.

in the simulation work Bachkovo-shock mechanism of Chinese scientists compared the two devices with one and with two symmetrical holes flush where water under pressure splashed into the toilet.

“the simulation Results is deeply disturbing, because there is a powerful upward stream that contain viruses, and these particles in 40-60% of cases rises above the level of the toilet seat,” say the experimenters.

of Course, the numbers are impressive, if not alarming, however, scientists worked with lab liquids and aerosols, so that the accuracy of the claim, whether to infect you with pathogenic particles in the air or deposited on the toilet seat, they are not taken.

yet the idea that from the toilet something crashes, causing not the most pleasant emotions. Of course, to avoid getting in the air in this vortex of God knows what containing droplets, the ideal solution would be before flushing to close the lid of the toilet. But if it’s doable at home, in public places such covers often do not exist.

“Daily attendance of public toilets is incredibly high — reminiscent of the authors of the study (and we, in turn, recall that it is happening in China), and if the restroom will take advantage of a sick person, it can lead to a large number of subsequent infections. Therefore, all restrooms must be examined to prevent epidemics”.

With home restrooms is more or less clear, but those who are forced to use public toilets, they recommend to clean the seat before use, flush with the lid closed, if it exists, and zabiati to wash hands.

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