With a request to stop the return to normal life to world leaders addressed more than two hundred people, whose names are known all over the world – actors, Directors, prominent scientists. The authors of the petition, heralding the imminent catastrophe in the event of completion of quarantine now started actress Juliette Binoche and astrophysicist Aurelien Barro.

after Talking with the Hollywood actress of Russian origin, “MK” first hand learned, as described in the petition and who it has been signed.

Irene lives in Los Angeles and busy in the project, which is still frozen in connection with the quarantine. A copy of the petition she got with the offer you sign it.

– as described in the petition?

It’s called “No return to normal life!” Stars warn world leaders from returning to his former way of life and work, arguing that it would result in a second wave kovida and many deaths. Recall that a terrible tragedy in the form of a pandemic claimed the lives of over 250,000 people around the world and now humankind is faced with a “direct existential threat.” They write that “the unrestrained pursuit of consumerism” and the “obsession with productivity” led us to deny the values of life itself. Called for a review of “our values, goals and economy.” Signed it, Robert de Niro, Pedro Almodovar, cate Blanchett, Monica Bellucci, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Adam Driver, Alexander Desplat, Willem Dafoe, Jane Fonda, Ralph Fiennes, Eva green, Jeremy irons, Rooney Mara, Ricky Martin, Alejandro gonzález iñárritu, Joaquin Phoenix, Alfonso cuarón, Marion Cotillard, and many other colleagues respected me.

you subscribe to?

– Yes, although financially it is very difficult to remain without work. The Studio has not opened yet. Here the stars and I’m afraid that soon they will open. But it is easier, of course. They have financial reserves. The rich have not at all affected by the pandemic. Now there buying cheaper houses on the ocean. But for the average person life in Los Angeles is very expensive. On welfare we now pay, does not clear up. For example, the tasteless loaf of bread costs 3-4$, the normal$ 7 or more, milk 4$. And even the taxes that pay even with the benefits. I still rent on Broadway, not to fall out of the party, and it is very expensive. In General, without work hard, but I still support the petition. And not just because I have the honor to subscribe near star names.

Why else?

I’m tired to watch my friends die! And all because the lie that they’re okay, likely to go to work. My friend recently lost her husband. He lain in hospital with kovida, recovered, came out with a negative test – all squealed with joy. And he ran to work. Contracted in the second round just a day and after 14 days died in the ICU. I don’t trust our authorities, who are in a hurry to release all from quarantine. We are all very inconsistent. Even the decree to wear masks out only the day before! And before that it was just a recommendation. And all of a sudden drove to work! According to the statistics of the flows of applications for benefits, 10% had returned to work.

– People with families to feed, not only themselves…

– In the petition stipulates that refusing to release from quarantine will require boldness and courage. Mention the additional danger of provoking a second wave, in the form of “social inequality”, referring to the protests of African Americans. It is also, according to the authors of the petition, “is making a comeback to normal life is unthinkable.” And this, alas, true. Amid protests and release from quarantine 16 States have reported new outbreaks of Kovalam. Today, the country 2 330 908 confirmed diagnoses and 121 999 deaths, and a sharp rise brought the black riots.