Lera Kudryavtseva came under a barrage of criticism, published in Instagram video from holiday in Turkey.

The presenter showed the decoration of your room, deserted beaches and pool.

"I was once again convinced that the best vacation with children — this is not Europe exactly, and Turkey, where children are all", — stated in the post.

Users of Instagram said that this holiday many people cannot afford.

"the Trip is probably as small apartment" — suggested hohlovan4714.

"There is, perhaps, not for mere mortals", — said markelova1920.

"Well, Leroy can not live without it, that abundance does not show", — commented on the record nataliakiseleva5137.

Other subscribers have noticed that the presenter went to Turkey almost immediately after a holiday in Adler.

"couldn’t make it back from Sochi — in Turkey," wrote m_z_a7.

"Well, there is something to relax" said pyshkinaplakhutina.

Some pointed to the fact that the hotel is too deserted, but Kudryavtseva assured Internet users that other visitors just left for dinner.

"I have the feeling that besides you, no one in the hotel" — voted lukeryberry.

Some subscribers did not agree with the statement presenter that Turkey is the best option for families with children.

"we Have the same possible with children to relax! From Turkey made panacea!" — protested ahwes1583.

"you Better go to the Crimea," said irinag8016.