Popular singer Svetlana Loboda told the fans about the trauma received in childhood. According to the artist, while skating she’d busted out his front teeth.

Svetlana Loboda told the Network users about the unpleasant experience sports. According to the singer, when she was eight years old, my parents gave her up for figure skating. At that time for the future stars of the screens it was a real dream, so she worked really hard to learn to skate on ice.

At one point the girl even started to turn, so she began to feel proud. And when it came to the first coup, the child decided to call the parents so they too appreciated her skills. However, this experience ended tragically for the future of the singer.

– At the first jump I fell face down in the ice and he busted out his front teeth. Mom and dad were terrified, the kids around laughed, – told the artist in the podcast "Yandex".

In the end I had to call an ambulance, which took the girl to the hospital. According to Svetlana Loboda, passion big-time sports ended for her "sad".