In the platform Andronivka from 29 may change bus routes. The adjustment movement of the touched flight No. 59, 759 and 859, informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

So, starting Friday, buses will run in both directions on the overpass through the Moscow Central ring street Pond-Keys.

In particular, flight No. 59 and No. 759 when moving in both directions after stopping "Platform Andronivka" on the even side of highway Mill stop "andronovskoe shosse" will unfold over Andronovskoe highway.

Bus No. 859 after stopping "Platform Andronivka" will move down the street Pond-Keys to the bus stop "Street of General Yakovlev", while making a u-turn at the intersection with street of General Yakovlev, then the same road proceed to the stop "Platform Andronivka".

It is noted that the site also has a new stop "Highway Mill" on odd-numbered side of highway Mill in the direction of the platform Andronivka, "Platform Andronivka" on both sides of the highway, Fraser.

On the 859th route on-street Pond-Keys also introduces a new stopping points is the "Andronovo highway" in the direction of the street of General Yakovlev, "Institute of applied mechanics," on both sides of the street Pond-Keys, "Street of General Yakovlev" on both sides of the street Pond-Keys.

It is known that the changes in routes due to construction works. After their graduation, will be restored two-way traffic on highway Frezer.

Earlier it was reported about the change of bus routes at the station Shcherbinka at the IDC. A new schedule has come into effect since April 4 of this year.