TV presenter, Director General of international information Agency “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselyov said that “the behavior” Russians “didn’t deserve” relief of the restrictions imposed in the country due to the pandemic coronavirus. He said this in his Telegram channel.

“Neither of which leads to a plateau could not be considered. Plateau — still a dream,” wrote Kiselev.

According to him, if the number of cases will grow at the same rate at which it is growing now to Sunday in Russia will be recorded more than 200 thousand cases of infection.

According to the presenter, in this situation the fault of the Russians.

“Their behavior didn’t deserve the plateau, and that means easing restrictions,” he said.

Kiselev also said that it is necessary the introduction of more stringent quarantine measures.

At the end of March Kiselev spoke of the need of the Russian army patrolling the streets because of the spread of coronavirus. In his opinion, it was necessary because of the unconsciousness of Russian citizens on voluntary compliance with isolation master has no hope.

In Russia in recent days has revealed 10 of 559 new cases of coronavirus in 82 regions. Since the beginning of the epidemic in the country died 1 537 people, recovered 21 327.