a Classmate of Elizabeth Glubinoi, which brutally murdered ex-boyfriend Sevastian Putintsev, who shot three people on the street Priorova in Moscow, told about the past girls. According to A. George (name changed), Lisa didn’t hide from friends that Sevastian was a pathological jealous or possessive.

Sevastian Putintsev killed his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Lupino her mother Svetlana Timchenko with my little grandson. After the shooting killed himself. “MK” has tried to understand the tragedy.

Classmate Elizabeth Glubinoi George A. from the University of MAI told “MK” that the girl complained about the obsession Sebastian Putintseva. He tormented her constant jealousy. Met ex-beloved, as we found out, more than two years.

Why Sevastian and Elizabeth broke up?

I do not fully understand what happened between them. Never would have thought that it could happen. Lisa with all in good relations were.

– Elizabeth had to do with the modeling business?

we can’t say a hundred percent.

– Where the dream to work with Elizabeth? She studied well, everything passed time almost without debt. About Sevastian before the tragedy I haven’t heard anything out of the ordinary: a guy and a guy.. about his jealousy was definitely a conversation. Lisa talked about it, but more as in a joke: “Seva jealous of all the walking”. During the year I mention of Seva heard many times.

What career waited for Elizabeth after graduation?

– the Translator in the aerospace industry. She knew perfectly well she knew English, but German is more difficult she had.A good future could be.