the Kremlin began to say goodbye to the coronavirus: Vladimir Putin in a videoconference and heard reports of representatives raznyh industries about how they survived tough times. The overall message: the war against infection has United and made stronger, and the loss was minimal. Say goodbye to virus and the Russians: as told the President the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov, the sale of masks has dropped from 3 million units per day in may to 700 thousand in mid-June.

Opening the meeting, President Putin said that, due to consolidation efforts, Russia adequately responded to the threat of the epidemic.

Your contribution to the fight against the coronavirus has made almost every sector of the economy. A special word of gratitude addressed to the President of the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, food retail and industrial enterprises. Putin reminded that just a few weeks managed to achieve a multiple increase in the release of PPE, and to manufacture other commodities, machinery and equipment.

“overall, our economy, all the key parts and critical infrastructure, including infrastructure for the new generation, proved that they are able to adapt quickly to the serious challenges and difficult conditions to work without failures”, – said the GDP.

the President is Especially pleased that the epidemic was popular approaches developed in the framework of the national project “Increasing productivity”. In particular, Rosatom helped smart to rebuild the work of medical institutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, so the time from contact of the patient to the ambulance prior to its placement in the house has decreased 5.5 times. Also according to the techniques of atomic scientists was able to switch from production of mattresses production of protective suits and organize a new Assembly line for the production of the devices for air disinfection. “Ready to continue to share our frugal technology with the governors!” – said the representative of state Corporation Sergey transports.

About how epidemics work of domestic trade, the President reported to the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov. He stressed that, although the demand for certain types of goods in March increased significantly, the government did not even consider the possibility of rationing dispensing products in one hand and regulation of prices, although such proposals were voiced.

“Without the extreme measures we have to avoid empty shelves, mile-long queues and rising prices for food, as it was in several cities of Europe and America, – said Manturov, noting that all of the market mechanisms of the industry was saved. Now, according to the Minister, the retail sector is returned to normal mode. Reserves formed as it should be four weeks in advance. And the demand drops even a protective equipment: if in may, Russianot buy up to 3 million masks a day, now it is 700 thousand.

Representatives of retailers have confirmed that established at the direction of officials of the stocks of the masks already significantly exceed the demand for them. “But we are ready to bear the loss. Let the people be healthy,” said a member of the Board of Directors of famous food brand Alexander Vinokurov. According to him, Russian buyers in terms of the epidemic to behave responsibly and with dignity: “our underlying human values have not gone away”. “We were not like them, two hens in one hand” – supported the rhetoric of the Minister Vinokurov. He noted that the most popular products in Russia was buckwheat, pasta, rice, not toilet paper. Abroad the demand for it increased by 7-8 times, and in our country only two times.

However, if grocery retail and e-Commerce epidemic survived very well, the non-food sector is still a big problem.

the head of the Association of retail companies (HSE) Sergey Belyakov asked to reduce costs to accelerate the opening of trade centres in the regions. Now of the 3 million shopping center, available in Russian, are only 300. The HSE, he said, developed and ready to submit to the government its proposals on the organization of work of trade enterprises, which will allow them not to close in case of the “second wave” of coronavirus and other comparable epidemics. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova assured that the initiatives of entrepreneurs will be considered by the authorities interested in the fact that with the possible complication of the epidemiological situation trade and the overall economy could continue to operate.

“Tatiana was us as a mother. Or as sister – on behalf of all the governors was scattered in compliments Golikova, the head of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. And shared his feelings: “it Seems that the virus is retreating! I’d like to say him “goodbye”. In Moscow region the most difficult situation, he estimated, was in late April – early may, when empty only 300 beds. But now the difficult times are behind us, although the scars on the regional budgets, unfortunately, will remain, said Vorobyov.

“the Most important thing that this situation has brought us together. It is a fact”, – summed up Vladimir Putin. According to him, Russia is out of the epidemic with minimal impact, the positive trend evident. The President urged to replicate the experience accumulated in the course of the suppression of coronavirus positive practices, and not to forget that in everyday life problems quite yet.