Kashpirovsky is asked to save humanity

Who people the fame of a psychic healer Anatoly Kashpirovsky has received requests from fans to save humanity from the coronavirus.

Kashpirovsky began to hold “healing sessions” on his YouTube channel. The first online session was held on 9 April. He dedicated it to the treatment of degenerative disc disease, hypertension and vision problems.

According to “the Daily Poster,” the healer ignored these requests, and later they drowned in the many other reviews.

Earlier it was reported that Kashpirovsky has submitted the claim about protection of business reputation in Ostankino court of Moscow. He needs to recover from RTR 1 million rubles compensation for moral damage. According to Kashpirovsky, in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” spread false information, discrediting his reputation. The therapist didn’t like that journalist Alexander Nevzorov and TV presenter Alexander GURNOV in the program called him a swindler and a fraud, wrote NEWS.ru.