the booming interest in Sochi casinos allow you to build great plans for 2020. However, the pandemic has severely hit tourism and entertainment. The casino closed its doors at the end of March, as soon as the resolution of the Chief sanitary doctor of the region on the introduction of restrictive measures in the region. About how “Krasnaya Polyana” recover my work, says Director of development of the gambling zone Dmitry Afinogenov.

Dmitry, as “Casino Sochi” has endured a three-month period of limitations?

Dmitry Afinogenov: is not easy. When the resolution of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, it became clear that the quarantine is not introduced for one month. Gathered the team, and he is big, about 1600, and explained that there is such a situation, but to dismiss anyone not want.

the Gambling zone “the Red glade” – a large enterprise. This is one of the most significant taxpayers of Sochi and the whole Krasnodar Krai. However, gambling establishments no state support is not necessary. The company must cope with the situation. And while doing. I hope to open in early July, our position will become more complicated.

How work is organized casino with customers after it work?

Dmitry Afinogenov: Tourist life in Sochi now intensified. Open hotels. In particular, 25 Jun earned the “Mariott” hotel, with which we have partnerships and a single transition. Most of our guests stop in it. In the gaming area located on the 96 working under our control, they are also already populated.

as soon As the information appeared, that in the Krasnodar region was allowed to open the hotel, we began receiving a lot of calls. Tourists want to come to the gaming zone, the demand for services is very big, a lot of bookings.

We have already reactivated our facilities, working with vendors, order the necessary goods. Preparing vengeance for the opening, of course, compliance with all requirements of the CPS. Similar rules now apply to all entertainment establishments of the world, not only in Russia. And by the way, our colleagues in Las Vegas has already figured out how to beat them so that guests do not feel discomfort.

for Example, one of the requirements – Seating on a chair for compliance with social distance. In the American casino customers say that once they now sit a little further from each other, no one in their cards will not be able to look. And those who prefer slots, will be able to play simultaneously on two devices and, consequently, win more. Such fun chips will be used from us.

Needless to say, all employees will provide masks and gloves. Veit will supply contactless sanitizer. Often become to change the deck, the cards will continually be processed.

Playing area was visited by many foreign tourists. Now, flights between countries are limited, but over time they recover. What mechanisms are needed to bring foreign guests and to increase their number?

Dmitry Afinogenov: We’ve temporarily lost 25 per cent of the international guests of the Sochi resort and gambling area. Of course, they will gradually come back. Although we expect that we and the Russians will be more to come. The price tag on vacation in Sochi now cordotomy.

on 27 December last year we flew the first aircraft from the Chinese Shenzhen. It was assumed that weekly there will be four flights. Another 20 flights a week planned from Israel. In 2019 this state came to us with 120 thousand tourists. In addition, we held successful negotiations with representatives of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, where we also had to arrive a few planes a week. Corresponding agreements have already been signed. I hope they begin to act, when open air borders.

by the Way, the Dubai airline continues to sell tickets in Sochi, despite the pandemic, although the flight date repeatedly postponed. Now the flight is scheduled for July. I hope that the restrictions will be removed, there will arrive many guests. In the Middle East in the summer is very hot, so in Sochi, the inhabitants of the Arab States come with great pleasure, especially in the Krasnaya Polyana weather is very comfortable at this time.

the First of January 2021 in Russia should receive the e-visa. It will be a great help and will help to increase the number of tourists. For comparison, due to such visa to visit Kaliningrad region the number of guests in the Kaliningrad gambling zone has doubled.

If legislative changes are adopted, next year the right of entry e-visa will be provided to the citizens of 53 countries. Through it they will be able to stay in Russia for 16 days. This is a very important step in the development of the tourism industry, which is now in the world is the third largest financial turnover. We understand that as soon as restrictions will be removed, this area will regenerate the most active. People are hungry for new impressions and emotions.

We try to break stereotypes about Russia. Want the tourist flow to our country only grew. In the same United Arab Emirates many middle-class who want to travel. From Dubai to Sochi to fly for about three hours. It is quite comfortable for humans the duration of the flight. And our calculations show that foreign visitors spend an average of about five or six thousand a day extra at your own leisure. Last year, tourists who come to the gambling zone, left here about 13 billion rubles, which were spent not to participate in the games, or pay for gifts, and related entertainment -excursions, restaurants, shopping. So the easing of visa requirements on hand all – the business and the state, which will receive more revenues in taxes.

For many companies, the period of the pandemic was a time of new possibilities. They began to use modern formats, pay more attention to digital development. You have worked in this direction?

Dmitry Afinogenov: This spring we have worked hard to create their own online spaces with different functions: from the search for information about any event prior to booking travel to the gambling area.

first of all we are talking about the mobile app gambling zone in Krasnaya Polyana. Its functionality includes “Personal account” pay with loyalty points tickets for the Raffles, train and airline tickets, hotels, transfers, reservation of tables in the restaurant, the automation of the process of ordering food in the playing room and a number of features, including specially designed for our returning guests. In April we have finished development, successfully completed two of beta testing and are now preparing for the official release which is expected this summer.

in Addition to the application, this spring we updated our sites, which are combined in a single web space of the new generation. Prepared rebranding our official page in Instagram. Made a few humorous video about how we miss our guests. Video coverage record, what we are pleasantly surprised. Corrected our loyalty program and points. It will definitely appeal to tourists. We continue to discuss with the government the possibility of legislative regulation of the game in the online space, which is now a huge bulk of funds goes to unknown operators. Want to adjust the matter to the gambling zone could work online, then this format can be monitored. In the meantime, the money of a large army of fans of virtual games flow away abroad.