currently in Anapa there are 246 accommodation. Among them, 41 5 children’s sanatorium and health resorts. The opening of the holiday season was preceded by extensive preparatory work: in order to meet the requirements of the Federal service and to provide guests with the necessary security measures, agencies have made the marking of social distance in front of the administrative posts and registries. In the premises of the established recyclers air diffusers with disinfectants. Under the new conditions rigged and medical database – group procedure replaced the individual, which is carried out by appointment only, so that the corridors will not meet queues.

In fiziokabinet now put partitions between the “compartments”, all the staff and guests on a daily basis are the thermometry. In case of detection of symptoms similar to COVID-19, in the resort there are isolators with separate entrances, ventilators. The number of health centers has Observatory.

– While the download of the resorts have been reduced – today we are taking 60 per cent of tourists compared to the same period last year, – said the acting head of the Department of sanatorium-resort complex and tourism Anapa Maxim Serdyuk. – To preserve the health of guests and staff, the hotel complex now has large financial costs for disinfectants, medical mask, had to rebuild the service – rooms cleaned carpets, upholstered furniture tied with a washable fabric. In this pricing policy of enterprises of the tourism industry remains loyal: most accommodation facilities have left the prices at the level of 2019. So, the average cost of living in sanatoriums (with treatment) is 2.6 thousand rubles per day. And this is a big plus, as the portrait of our guest, it is a young family with children.

In the local resorts, you can easily bring the body back to normal. For this purpose, it introduced modern diagnostic power, are used clinical, biochemical, immunological, radiographic, ultrasonic and other methods of research. Just Arsenal Anapa doctors – more than 400 medical diagnostic techniques.

Designed such favored treatment programs as “anti-Stress”, “Healthy eyes” and “Easy gait”. In the leading health resorts spend endoecological cleaning the body from toxins at the cellular level. As a rule, the course is designed for 14 and 21 days.

by the Way, the most available treatment for chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs at the resort – aerotherapy. Blowing with the sea breeze increases the content of chloride salts in the air. Stroll along the waterfront or in the cool of the morning the Avenue of the Park, inhale a full breast filled with sweet smells of seaweed and pine needles in��such and… receive medical treatment.

I recommend the walk (including medical). Path in Anapa stretches along the entire Pioneer Avenue is more than ten kilometers of walking paths, ending almost another resort village Vityazevo, which adjoin the international airport and train station. Along the paths through certain sections set with balls by distance, and yet here it stands over four thousand pine trees.

Also, all travelers in Anapa are available to natural treatments as a treatment by heated sand, the sun and treatment with sea water. Places this enough – the length of beaches is more than 70 kilometers to 49 kilometers stretch of sandy, a 27 kilometers – pebble.

On the territory of Anapa explored four groups of natural mineral waters, which with great success are applied in a health practice. The resort operates nine pump rooms, located on the territories of health resorts, a further four are in public places: “Central” (Avenue of the Revolution, 3), Rodnik (Pioneer Avenue, 30), “Zhemchuzhina Rossii” (Pioneer Avenue, 253) and “Vityazevo” (village of Vityazevo, Avenue South, 42). Water is advisable to drink directly from the source and storing it without a maintenance can more than a day.

About the properties of the drink produced from the earth, is legendary. However, during one of his visits to Anapa academician Alexander Razumov said that the local mineral water unique and have the ability 25% clear cells, prolonging youth, therefore they have no prices.

the Famous Anapa and mud. Its surroundings harbour reserves sulfurous mud of estuaries and lakes (over five million tons) – the only in Russia. Also, the resort is over 30 mud volcanoes. Basically it is acting to “nozzle” from a relatively small vent on the surface of the poured gas saturated slurry – a mixture of rocks and water. First used dirt a small lake Chemburka located almost in the heart of the city. Then were opened to an impressive inventory of higher quality sulfurous mud in Vityazevo and Kiziltash estuaries, the Salt lake. They were picked up by the health resorts of Anapa to fight many chronic diseases, including diseases of the skin and musculoskeletal system. Studies have shown that mud has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, resolving and analgesic action, has a beneficial effect on protein, carbohydrate and water metabolism.

Yuri Polyakov, head of city-resort Anapa:

– I am Sure that now, after the whole world wakes up after the impact of the pandemic, our resort is particularly in demand. A PRiedot to relax and unwind, but even more – to gain strength and health. For this we have everything you need: modern diagnostic and medical base of sanatorium-resort complex, unique nature, Spa component. All this and more – at affordable prices and at a high level. Come! In Anapa you happy always. Southern hospitality is guaranteed!

In Anapa widespread viticulture: area of plantations is about six thousand hectares. The harvest season begins in the second half of July and continues until November. Grapes beneficially impact on health in diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidney, anemia, and nervous disorders. Weakened children is also useful amber berry, because grapes are rich in minerals and easily assimilable salts of phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium.

In Anapa there are over thousands of hotels, including over 900 with a capacity of 50 rooms and more than 200 accommodation facilities – more than 50 rooms. 35 anapskaya hotels are popular all over the world “all inclusive”.