In an interview, Boris Becker’s ex-wife Barbara Becker talks about the relationship with her sons and her ex-husband. The ex-tennis professional does not seem to be an issue between her, Noah and Elias even after his release.

Ex-tennis star Boris Becker (55) has been on everyone’s lips since his early release from prison. The 55-year-old returned to Germany and can be seen in public again after his prison sentence. In interviews he talks about his experiences of the past few months, on TV he is an expert at the Australian Open.

His conviction and the months that followed were not easy for his family. His ex Lilly Becker (46) also struggled with the loss of his financial support. His children Noah (28) and Elias (23) from his marriage to Barbara Becker (56) had to do without their father, as did their half-brother Amadeus (12).

But now Boris Becker is back. His ex-wife Barbara Becker, who lives in Miami, made it clear in an interview with “Gala TV” on RTL that between her and Noah and Elias it’s not all about the 55-year-old.

She emphasizes how good the relationship with her sons is: “It is actually the case that we are very close and now we really follow each other and try to spend as much time together as possible, so the children also with me, not just me.”

But Boris Becker is not a big issue between her and her sons, who always stand by him, they “actually don’t really talk” about him. “Of course, they (Elias and Noah) also know that if you know less, it’s always better .”

“We’ve been divorced for almost 22 years now, so we have our own lives. He has his and the kids are with him and with me and I have mine too. So it’s really very separate, you have to say, but of course we’re all a family.”

In general, there are things she doesn’t want to discuss with her boys – because she’s their mother, not their best friend. It sometimes happens that she likes to do without further information and “topics where I would also like to say ‘too much information'”, says the 56-year-old.

Even if Barbara Becker does not focus on her ex after his return to Germany, there are still people who comment on him – and thus arouse his displeasure.

Cathy Hummels (34), for example, spoke critically about the tennis legend’s early release and thus filed a lawsuit from him. Her reaction: she was happy with Lilly Becker in Dubai.

There was direct criticism of Boris Becker’s reaction: the ad was merely a PR campaign by the 55-year-old. A reproach that he had to listen to in relation to his TV “confession”.

An eventful year is coming to an end for the Becker family. In an interview with BUNTE magazine, Barbara, Noah and Elias Becker spoke together for the first time about their definition of family.

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