The relationship between the two TV greats Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Gottschalk has been tense for a long time. Now the DSDS juror shared again against the “Wetten, dass ..?” star.

Dieter Bohlen (68) has been in the public eye for decades. Despite his media presence, the 68-year-old rarely gives interviews – and reluctantly, as he recently revealed in an interview with “stern”.

There, the pop titan spoke all the more extensively about his comeback as a DSDS juror. Accordingly, the pop titan can hardly wait to sit back at the jury panel. For a long time it didn’t look like the pop titan would be seen again on DSDS, because: RTL decided to end the collaboration with Bohlen beforehand. A decision that the broadcaster obviously regretted, because last year it was announced that the 68-year-old should appear again in 2023 as head of the jury.

In an interview with “stern” he said: “RTL hurt me a lot. But when they asked if I wanted to come back, I had to think of the many years before the expulsion. How much fun I had! 15 number 1 hits on ‘DSDS’ alone. The backwards somersault wasn’t easy for the bosses either, they had to jump over their own shadow.”

Bohlen also said there about his relationship with Thomas Gottschalk: “I don’t like it when Gottschalk talks nonsense about me just because he has to promote a book again. I’ll straighten that out then. Thomas is not someone who begrudges others their success.” The two have been openly exchanging blows for years.

Dieter Bohlen also remembered his appearances in Gottschalk’s cult show. One moment has remained in the DSDS juror’s memory to this day: “I’ve been to ‘Wetten, dass ..?’ ten times, and that was always funny. I still remember exactly the summer show on Mallorca, everyone cheers for my appearance, then I go over to Thomas – and he doesn’t even shake my hand,” says the pop titan about a scene that is probably symbolic of the relationship between the two TV legends stands.

Of course, this is not the first time that Dieter Bohlen has dealt against his TV colleague. Only a few months ago he explained in an interview with “Radio Hamburg”: “The Gottschalk is always very nice on television. In his private life he is not what you would imagine. […] He finishes off his colleagues behind the scenes and doesn’t always tell the truth.” At the time, Dieter didn’t explain exactly what he meant by that.

In 2021 it was Thomas Gottschalk of all people who was supposed to replace Dieter Bohlen, who was ill at the time, as DSDS juror. After Gottschalk’s first show, the pop titan shared an Instagram video about the 72-year-old’s appearance and joked: “Why is Gottschalk lisping, they then asked … Because RTL gave him a lot of money and he’s now getting new teeth.” Bought.” Bohlen also had a saying about Gottschalk’s hair: “People looked like this in 1970.”

This laid the foundation for the open exchange of blows. But Bohlen and Gottschalk must have always lacked sympathy for each other, as the pop titan made clear with his memory of his “Wetten, dass..” appearances.

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