Love, drama, pigeon shit: After the promising start, the RTL jungle spectacle “I’m a star, get me out of here!” continued to pick up speed on day 2: Reality Casanova Gigi Birofio (23, “Temptation Island VIP”) was standing several times the mouth open in view of the moving stories of his fellow campers. It started with influencer Jolina Mennen (30), who talked about her gender reassignment, which made him realize that the pretty brunette was born in a male body: “What, you were a guy? did you have a penis Strong!” he wondered and wanted to know more about it, whereupon she willingly gave him the information.

Among other things, she reported on the love for her husband Florian, whom she married as a biological man, but who then supported her in her transition to the best of his ability – right up to the second marriage proposal so that she could get the wedding photos that made her happy was: as a radiant bride! He was “the absolute greatest support” on her way, “that I could have imagined,” enthused Jolina.

Macho flirt king Gigi reacted to all of this more sensitively than the fan community had expected from him: “Full of the beautiful love story!” homosexuals risk going to jail. “Papis shines a lot, but in his body he’s very, very sad,” Gigi later explained in the consulting room, to reinforce: “You have to love who you want, that’s it. So!” There was a lot of praise for his words on social media: “Up until the start of the camp, who would have thought that Gigi would become a role model in terms of tolerance and honest compassion. Madness” or “Okay, Gigi as an outspoken LGBTQI ally I didn’t have on the bingo card right away” were just two of the Twitter comments.

And another surprise: Model Tessa Bergmeier (33), who, as expected, was chosen by the fans for the first jungle test due to her not very uncomplicated nature, completed it much more confidently and calmly than expected. However, very slowly and carefully, because she – she emphasized this hundreds of times – did not want to hurt any animals when crawling through a shaft full of crabs, snakes, spiders, etc. After all, it was enough for three out of twelve stars and thus a bit of additional food to the basic ration of beans and rice. Unfortunately, in addition to gherkins, mangoes and bananas, there was also a pigeon to eat, giving Tessa another reason to talk about veganism.

When meat eater Cosimo Citiolo (41, “Summer House of the Stars”) announced that he didn’t want to eat anything from the bird out of disgust – “Pigeons even eat their own shit!” – Reality starlet Cecilia Asoro (26, “Celebrity Separated”) interjected: “But that’s what pigs do, too!” No, they were bred in Germany and had a good life, the Italian claimed. “But they feel just like you!” Tessa joined the conversation. “They are sad, crying, afraid!” Too much for Cosimo: “Why are you attacking me all the time? I talk about food and you come up to me and say they have feelings.” Tessa just always has a problem with him, no matter what he says.

He got consolation from Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske (43), who “made peace with the ants” in the jungle and also does not eat animals, but is much less peddling than Tessa. Instead, she stands out with spiritual remoteness, or, to use the “Checker vom Neckar” to say: “I’d like to be able to do something like that, like you – to be correct!” He should just react a little calmer and the people the actress advised him: “You could be a shining example!” He gets the opportunity to do so in episode 3: the audience sends him along with archenemy Tessa to the next exam with the disgustingly promising title “Shitstorm”.. .

On the first day in the jungle camp there was already a lot of drama in the camp with the first exams and the first cat fights. On the second day things got emotional.

The RTL jungle camp started its 16th season on Friday evening. At the beginning there was a culinary disgust test and the first quarrels in the camp. Tessa Bergmeier, in particular, put a strain on the nerves of her comrades-in-arms.

Melanie Müller made a name for herself in 2022 with a Nazi scandal, Michael Wendler’s missteps can hardly be counted on one hand: some scandalous celebrities have already taken part in the RTL jungle camp. At the beginning of the new season we take a look into the past.

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