Anastasia Volochkova after the scandal with visit of the monastery in Diveyevo launched a war in social media against the head of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Ballerina publicly accused the Governor of “stealing and lying”. The dirt on the officials promised to make public in the coming days. We contacted the residents of Diveevo and found out who passed Volochkova local authorities.

In Diveevo village planner. Journalists are calling the second day. Asked to comment on the scandalous incident. A response from a modest rural workers no.

– Our head to explain will not, it has nothing to do with it, – said the employee of the village Council. – All questions to the Governor, we’re not allowed to comment on this issue.

In a press-service of the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region was asked to send a formal request. The answer came quickly.

“According to police and administration Diveevo, MS A. Volochkova and her driver arrived in the village, in violation of quarantine requirements in force in this settlement since April 25. On the seat of A. Volochkova quickly came to a joint patrol of police and administration of Diveevo. The police drew up reports on administrative violations of the requirements of high alert and quarantine in relation to A. Volochkova and her driver.

the Citizen Volochkova in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation from explanations refused. Citizen S. (apparently, the driver of the ballerina Auth.) explained that closed to quarantine the village of Diveevo they hit a roundabout way, “fields”, wanted to visit the monastery and drive to Holy places, “they did it”. Before leaving they decided to visit the store “Products”, where they were drawn up protocols on administrative offences”.

From the office of the Governor, we sent the letter of Diveevo village. Quote: “a few kilometers to Diveyevo, and the entrance to the village located alerts with information about what Diveevo closed for quarantine and entry is forbidden there. At the entrance to the village is also a point of entry control from the stationary office, the road is blocked with concrete blocks”.

We contacted the local residents who told how calculated Volochkova, and like a ballerina got to the monastery.

– Now saying that Volochkova was set up, allegedly, locals who snitched on ballerina. It is not, – says a resident of the village. – Most of our countrymen don’t even know who she is. It knows only the youth, but they won’t file lawsuits to the Governor. They, by and large, all the same.

rumor has it that the resentment harbored people who are unable to come because of the quarantine the convent. After Volochkova posted photos in social networks from the Holy place, the city, the pilgrims began scribbling�� complaints to the Governor, they say, is why famous people’s access to the monastery is open, and ordinary people is closed. The Governor reacted. Gave the command of the local police.

Quarantine in the convent entered?

– No, in the monastery of quarantine no. But they can be attended only by local residents, pilgrims are officially not allowed. But in the Diveevo operates a quarantine regime, although conditional, more words. For example, it is known that underground work hairdresser. The local population continues to settle in their homes to pilgrims to live the villagers that it is necessary.

Volochkova claims that the monastery has seen many pilgrims.

the Pilgrims did not write the law, they come here in droves. Wander through the village. But nobody fines that the poor to take.

As they arrive, if the entry is in Diveyevo their passports?

– the Road to Diveevo closed with only one hand. But there is a detour. For example, over the Osinovka. There you can negotiate with the taxi drivers who for 70 rubles will get you to the monastery. The police in that place is not worth it.

Ballerina says went to monastery in the woods?

– come on, you, most likely, she drove across the Osinovka.

– she said he didn’t know that the area has been quarantined?

It is nonsense. Here know all about it.

How to calculate her whereabouts, the police? She sat like someone at a party.

So she uploaded pictures from where was eating. The ballerina was on private property. The house where she was staying, is on the same street as the local administration. Volochkova has published a photo of the yard. The locals know which ones have yards. To calculate our police was not difficult.

– Police officers who came to file a report against Volochkova – local or from Nizhny Novgorod?

– the Police – our children local. But they are unlikely voluntarily went fine dancer. Most likely, they received a decree from above.

Local people discussing the scandal?

– come on. By and large, we don’t care that Volochkova.

In the Diveevo district court received cases of administrative offences stipulated by part 1 of article 20.6.1 of the administrative code and part 2 of article 6.3 in relation to Volochkova. The meeting will be held on 3 July. One article Volochkova can get the penalty to 30 thousand roubles, at another – 40 thousand rubles.