Another trick Anastasia Volochkova happened in the village of Diveyevo in Nizhny Novgorod region. Ballerina decided to visit the Holy places, but the local police did not appreciate the spiritual impulse of the stars, since the region is still active quarantine measures. Telediva nasty with the authorities. Friend Volochkova’s lawyer Alexander Benhin, told how she could face punishment.

— From my point of view, there is arbitrariness by the authorities, although Nastia was wrong, too, says Benkin. — Law enforcement officers too peremptorily talked to her and provoked her. And Nastya trigger is very simple. It is the language of the island.

Who in this conflict is the injured party?

— Nastya gently talked to them first. It should be noted that breaches of isolation and quarantine measures actually engaged CPS and not the police. Nastya, of course, a little “carried away”, but at the 319-th article of the Criminal code (“Insult of representative of power”), a prima ballerina is unlikely to be responsible. Most likely, she faces administrative. For violation of isolation — a fine up to 5 thousand rubles. Again, the Nasty something was really not right, you can’t communicate with the authorities. But they, in turn, removed the conflict on video, and they are fail.

Anastasia has problems with alcohol?

— No, of course. As far as I know, Nastya drinks wine and smokes hookah, we are familiar with in 2012. Anything she doesn’t use her enough aplomb.

But the expert media Commission of the Public Chamber of Russia Vadim Adamyan told “MK” the behavior of a ballerina “sociosanitario”.

— recently, the Bohemians got into the habit of the Church to visit as uninvited guests, — says Vadim. First Ksenia Sobchak decided to experience the thrill in Yekaterinburg, then Anastasia Volochkova visited the forbidden Diveevo. And after all the trouble each one of them there is no one waiting. Sobchak after provocation had to flee, but Volochkova was awarded a penalty for an illegal pilgrimage.

— The history Sobchak and Volochkova similar?

— If Xenia his controversial trip ended up contacting the police, then to Anastasia to visit police came. They also got nasty. I just can’t understand why our celebrities like the chain broke. Just be normal people, without attracting attention, they can not? Maybe they sociosemiotic of intensive therapy should go?