The mistress of rapper Alexander “Andy Cartwright’s” jusko Nadezhda Romanenko very afraid of his wife Marina Kohala. As reported by telegram-channel “Base”, she told herself.

In July, as reported by “the Rambler”, Kohala told law enforcement officials that found jusko dead in their apartment in St. Petersburg, found that he died as a result of an overdose of illicit substances, and dismembered his body in order not to Mar his memory.

Department of the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case under article “Murder”. Today, “Base” published testimony, which gave Romanenko. She told me that she met jusko in 2014, and the intimate relationship between them began in 2018.

Also a lover of the rapper said that Kohala was forbidden to come home after 23:00 and takes his money that he earned. Wife found out that jusko’s cheating on her, in 2018, after which the relationship between them deteriorated.

According to Romanenko, Kohala was trying to get the spouse’s attention in different ways, for example, shaved her head, when he discovered the hair of his mistress on his sweatshirt.

“Kohala inadequate. I am very afraid for my life. She has friends and relatives who I can take revenge”, she added.