this week marked the opening of museums that took the visitors after a three-month break. However, while not all of them returned to the offline format. Most will resume from the beginning of July. Directors of leading Russian museums, spoke about the release of the art quarantine

According to the representative of the Ministry of culture, acting Director of museums Department of the Ministry Alexey Mudrova, deciding to resume the work of the museums take into account the existing experience of the European countries. Taken into account, on the one hand, the interest of protecting public health and the characteristics of each particular institution. The result was the recommendations of the CPS. According to Mudrova, Federal museums will be open as soon as available, but no later than one month after the release of employees to work.

– the State Historical Museum and most museums in Moscow and the regions is ready to open by the first of July – said wise. – Tretyakov gallery and Moscow Kremlin on July 3, the Museum of the East – 8 July. As of July 16, all of our companies may already be open.

meanwhile, Director of the Moscow Museum of modern art Vasily Tsereteli announced the opening of all areas of ART. 20 Jun on Gogolevsky Bulvar will take place exhibition of works of Tatyana Nazarenko “Future in the past”, June 23 will begin the work of the Education centre of the Museum, on the 25th, the Museum-workshop of Dmitry Nalbandian, and the Vadim Sidur Museum and Workshop of Zurab Tsereteli will take visitors on 2 July.

In turn Director of the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin Marina Loshak looking forward to 10 July, when the Pushkin Museum will open its doors after a long break. Preparations for this historic event, according to her, is in full swing. In particular, it is necessary to adapt the building to receive visitors in a new environment. Loshak promises a lot of surprises, but what exactly, is not yet open. It is known that the lovers will be able to assess and drawings from dürer to Matisse, and the exhibition devoted to the tattoo art, organized in conjunction with the Paris Museum Quai Branly. The exhibition has been extended until the end of September.

– We are ready to this discovery was a holiday that should be remembered, as a little firecracker, shares his expectations for the mules. – Of course, there are great concerns. Surveys and our, and our European colleagues say that, despite the fact that people really miss the experiences, and they primarily want to be on the physical freedom. So visit relatives, walk the streets, visit parks and terraces of restaurants, museums and theatres – in the last two places. I very much hope that by the tenth of July all the little walk up will naidetsa on in��the Rand and feel the need to get other experience which gives them a Museum.

the First of the Federal museums will open the State historical – 1 July. Its Director, Alexei Levykin said that the Museum will be open seven days a week, and every two hours it becomes mandatory disinfection. Like Pushkin library, the Museum has extended its exhibition, namely, “Faberge and the court jewelers” and an exhibition dedicated to French porcelain.

– in order to allow our visitors to dispose freely of our time, the main building on the red square and the Museum of 1812 will be open from 10:00 to 21:00 – explains Levykin. He stressed that special attention will be paid to the observance of the norms distance in Museum spaces, especially the Pokrovsky Cathedral and the chambers of the Romanov boyars