As it became known “MK”, friends of Ephraim is considering the possibility seek the advice of lawyers who spetsializiruyutsya on road incidents. In their opinion, it is necessary to generate a true line of defense.

the Current attorney Ephraim is Elman Pashayev. He leads the practice for over 20 years. It is mainly engaged in divorce and property litigation. Among his clients are many famous and influential people. Pashayeva can be called a “star” lawyer.

However, representatives of the actor, according to our information, not long ago additionally consulted with several lawyers for whom road crashes are a “fad”. The names of these lawyers are less known to the public, however, the experience of protection of clients involved in an accident, they have significant. And all because they are familiar with the pitfalls of investigations of road accidents. Many of these lawyers were previously on the other side of the “fence” — police investigators.

As has told a source sympathetic to the distress Ephraim colleagues talked to former employees of the head investigative Department of GU MVD or third divisions of the Investigative offices. Often, lawyers of former police officers come to the interrogations in distress customers of former fellow investigators. They speak the same language. Plus because of the friendly relations more likely to soften the indictment.

the investigation into the accident — specific. Much depends on the right questions to experts for technical expertise. It plays a major role, it will appoint mandatory. To formulate questions is an investigator on the case. He can listen to the recommendations of counsel.

the Car Ephraim was reliable — Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 release. Machines with similar settings, the car market is estimated at RUB 2 million Car the actor bought in 2015. The total mileage of a small car — a little more than 50 thousand kilometers.

Therefore, most likely, it will not go on to a technical fault. However, the experts will study all mechanisms of the car and the verdict. Since the case of resonance, the examination would be held fast in about a month. Guilt Efremov fully acknowledged. It is not excluded that in August an investigator in the Prosecutor’s office to approve the indictment and the case will be on the table to the judge.

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