June 19, Natalya Selezneva, celebrates its anniversary. Who among us does not know? She is a unique actress, star of films by Leonid Gaidai. Her Love of Comedy “Operation y and other Shurik’s adventures” loved once and for all. The most high in your generation, reckless, naive like a child, though already a student of the technical Institute. She stayed that way for millions of audience Love, it grown up and became serious.

Those who are older will remember her famous foreign lady Catarina of “Tavern “13 chairs”, which I watched on TV the whole country. There were all the lords and lady, although he worked in the Moscow Theater of Satire. And Natalia Selezneva has this Catarina honorary title of Poland – the honored worker of culture. But now she is rarely selective. We can assume that young Directors are afraid of her: stand up for themselves and give light. But if someone is not afraid to offer high-quality material, it will be removed without further ADO and will not require unaffordable fees. Checked!

In 2013, the screens out one of the latest of her paintings, and, after a long break. In the “land of good kids” of the young Director Olga Kaptur on the book by Anna Starobinets. Selezneva has demonstrated excellent physical and acting form, although play she had a grandmother. Her granddaughter naughty child. Grandma and makes a wish: let the poor child will remain in the past year, and the new is new and good. In General, send granddaughter to re-education in some totalitarian country.

In grandpa’s Selezneva chose Vladimir Grammatikov. Pair is funny. To work they had a bunch of kids on the Playground, and it’s a test for anyone. But Seleznev with rebyatney famously managed and played a role with only her characteristic equanimity. She is able to convey the unbearable lightness of being, to add stiffness, but it only adds to the painting or the play of fire and spice. By the way, she began working as an actress since the age of six – took to the stage of the Theater of the Soviet Army. And then to act in films in the role of cute schoolgirl with puffy bows.

With her husband, actor and Director Vladimir Andreyev – met in the late 60s in the film “the Caliph stork”. And have lived together their entire lives. Passed on the road of life nice pair.

have Selezneva was your hayday – Valentin Pluchek, in productions that she was always busy. And the Theater of Satire how he was in those years, was perfect for her, and she him. Bright, rollicking, whimsical, childish and charming funny. And what wonderful partners Shirvindt, Mironov, Menglet, Peltzer, Runge, Aroseva, Derzhavin, Tkachuk. Vasiliev and Vasiliev.

And finally another talent of hero of the day, about which we cannot be silent on this day – she knows how to make friends that the acting profession is a rare phenomenon. But Natalia is a loyal friend battle a friend without hesitation you can go Hiking and exploration. Going to help you out, arrange for treatment, lend a helping hand in difficult times. And how many cities and countries, the actress has traveled along with the editors and always got the love of her fans.

We congratulate Natalia Seleznev happy birthday and once again I repeat – always be – open, reckless, charming, generous and gentle.