a Series of high-profile divorce and breakups in the world of Russian show business swept the country during the winter and spring of 2020. Polina Gagarina, Emin, Paul Priluchny, geegun, Pelagia and several famous artists broke up or almost broke up with his mate.

Why marriages local stars are collapsing like houses of cards? In pairs where one star and one or the other — just a husband or wife the reasons are clear. For example, Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov. Singer and photographer, and Dmitry is a photographer, were not in harmony with each other initially. Gagarin was a childhood bathed in the rays of glory, won the “star Factory”, then married to actor Peter Kislov, previously, had her first child, has successfully worked with Fadeev and Meladze: the whole country knew about Polina almost all. And who knew about Dimitri? Secular chroniclers have long predicted the demise of this couple, too different Dmitry and Polina. Despite the birth of her daughter, their Union lasted only 6 years.

Much more complicated reasons for breakup in couples where both partners are stars. Djigan and Oksana Samoilova were together for about 10 years. In marriage, the couple raised three girls and one boy. The long-awaited son in the family of rap artist born in the beginning of 2020. It seemed that their marriage was perfect, Oksana model looks, business lady, geegun, quite successfully engaged in music and art. But a few months ago between the couple happened disorder. In America dzhigan moved out from his wife and children in rehab (a rehab clinic), shaved off my eyebrows and introduced himself very inappropriately she also shared with fans their feelings about the spouse. What really happened in this family is uncertain, however, after returning to Russia, djigan and Oksana seem to have reconciled.

Numerous a showdown in 2020 also touched the family of Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece. At the beginning of a pandemic and quarantine measures steam rapidly out in front of an audience of millions “Instagram”. First, Paul kicked her out of the house with the kids, and she had accused her husband of drinking and abuse of her heirs, then the situation in the family of actors has been stabilized. But the divorce process soon will begin. June 1 in the Golovinskiy district court of Moscow held the first hearing in the divorce case of Paul and Agatha.

the Actress and producer Anna Peskov told “MK” that caused many scandals in the families of artists.

“I’m not a psychologist and it’s difficult to give a competent assessment of the situation with divorce famous couples – the beginning of Anne. – I can only assume that perhaps it is related to the amount of time we spend at home with their loved ones. With regard to Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova, then as far as I know, it happened not now, but in a time when they were in America. The story of Paul and Agatha also lasts not the first year. Just now, due to the fact that people spend more time at home, communicate more, become more reasons for the misunderstandings and negative emotions. And not finding a common point of contact with a loved one, there are conflicts. Leaving for work, you forget about the troubles that happened in the family. Has the ability to redirect thoughts and not fixate on any controversial moments. And now, due to the fact that we are constantly at home, sometimes it’s hard to switch and lose negative emotions. It is possible that this is the cause of such situations. Although to say a hundred percent about it not taken”.

Another divorce, which will be watched by almost all reporters: the scandalous breakup Pelagia and Ivan Telegin. On may 26, the singer filed a statement to the court for dissolution of marriage to hockey player, and after 4 years of marriage and the birth of her daughter Taisia. The reason for the breakup, as suggested by the reporters could be cheating athlete with another girl.

If the divorce Pelagia was at least predictable, few could have imagined that Emin Agalarov decides to part with his beautiful wife, “Miss Mordovia – 2004” Alena Gavrilova,

“Give me time to come round …please! I really painful and hard! And today is the birthday of my mom … thank you for understanding,” wrote Alyona Gavrilova few weeks ago. Emin confirm the breakup with Allen, published black-and-white wedding photo.

Actress Janina Melekhov explained to us what happened to artists during the period of the pandemic. According to the artist, self-isolation is detrimental to all Russians.

“I think divorce has always been a lot, just not so hung up on this news. And, of course, during the quarantine, compounded by all – says Yanina. – Everything is concentrated in one point, in the same space. The positive and negative. Then, because life artists mostly outside the home, but now everything is knocked out of the “comfort zone”. Me, too easy. For work, rest, concentration, I need quiet, and even now is constantly working TV annoying: there’s a cartoon there’s news. Quarantine as PMS, understand, and deal with them I can not! And emerge, grow all the little things and wrongs in the global hopelessness. I was lucky. Friends of the neighbors went into the house, leaving the keys to the apartment. Every day I’m “at work”: I need it. Reading this part of the work of the actor, not to mention the permanent record of independent samples, live broadcasts. And, anyway, the man is selfish, that’s the reason. And not only in the star pairs”.