the same message received hundreds of thousands of Moscow fitness enthusiasts from a dozen gyms. In the summer, as observations show that the Muscovites in the hall come rarely. Usually “rocking” stuffed just before summer, March-April: people want to take sides, to pump up the “biceps” and all to get in beach shape. “These are called snowdrops – says coach Vladimir Stasenko. – They come when the snow melts, and almost immediately disappear.” In the summer of “rocking” go mostly athletes with an impressive muscular mass and those who just want to keep myself in good shape. A significant category of people falls, but still in the first days after the opening of the clubs customers more or less reached for the pancakes, and free weights.

At the entrance all measured the temperature. The thermometer to which Muscovites have got used in markets, clinics, at work. I usually have this high-precision device fixes 33-35 degrees, this time it was 36.6. A great indicator to return to form at least a microscopic steps. However, the temperature’s not the only indicator of health? In the fitness clubs is regulated by the from that health is the responsibility of the customer. Re-read your contract for the provision of sports services. It clearly stipulates that the client accepts all risks related to health, and he takes responsibility. Therefore, fitness centres and the athletes themselves should be partners in fighting the coronavirus. First provide conditions for safe workouts, the second take care of themselves outside the hall. The first thing that caught my eye – the clients no longer provide towels. Pity, because it was very comfortable: there is always something to put on the bench. Now is the concern of the athletes. A towel should be brought from home, as, indeed, and water. Previously, between kardiozal, and in fact the “rocker” was a public water cooler where you can always get water. The coronavirus has made its corrections.

on average, how to tell the coaches of one of the premium clubs, each customer for the pandemic gained five kilograms. Therefore, the most popular cardio. Hall, as it is written on the doors, now enriched with oxygen. Then you will not feel, but still nice. Run along the path, and blood filled, like a coward along the sea shore. Mask club is essentially a staff, although comes to them and some of the visitors. Bicycles, incidentally, wipe with a disinfectant solution after each client. The benefit is not so much. Of other innovations – social markings on the floor. And so like everything is as it was with weights, benches, dumbbells, Roman chair. But something was missing. Exactly: no balloons and ribbons. As explained by the instructors, the equipment is extremely popular, and disinfect it after every visitor would be problematic.

Approx��RNO on the same principle are built the work of the Moscow pools. They are no less popular than “rocking”, even in the morning on weekdays, people are quite active. “What about the beaches – it is not clear, foreigners are still not available, says one of the visitors aquatic centre “Luzhniki” Andrei Fursov. – A pool is good because there’s water here, and sun loungers. You can relax in just a few hours.” As in the fitness rooms, the first thing here is measure the temperature. The upper limit of normal – 37. In the locker room lined with social markings. Like in the shower, where you get immediately after dressing. In the center is always quite hot, but the staff still work in masks and gloves. Instructors look not only for safety on the water, and the observance of distance. For example, in a large pool on each track allowed no more than ten people. Come the eleventh – politely asked to leave the track. But in other water areas, the adjustment largely occurs eye. If visually the visitors too much, some guests asked to move to another zone.

In the thermal complex about their safety is taken care of the visitors. At every Terme, written maximum occupancy cabins – a limit of six people and sometimes eight. In General, the new rules almost do not restrict visitors, the sporting life of the city seems to be almost the same as before the pandemic. About the dangers of resemble a mask of personnel.

in Group classes at the fitness clubs of Moscow continued to be held. The visitors have access to yoga, Pilates, cycle, course “Healthy back” and more. However, in some institutions, visiting is restricted: group classes are very popular, and to maintain social distance only when a certain number of guests. You can sign up by phone or in the mobile apps club. Methodical recommendations of the CPS also suggest that the five-foot interval must be observed not only in the halls of aerobics, but also in the training areas. Therefore, large clubs, where some benches were placed very close together, now temporarily removed some shells. Visitors are asked to treat this with understanding.