the Russian Director Kirill Serebrennikov after the announcement of the court verdict on the case, “the Seventh Studio” about the theft of 133 million rubles of budgetary funds at realization of the project “Platform” has declared that does not consider himself a crook and a thief and in the future he hopes for a fair sentence. In addition, he admitted that he had no funds to repay 800 thousand fine, so leave Russia he can’t.

according to the Hollywood Reporter, the Russian Director Kirill Serebrennikov after the verdict of the Meshchansky court of Moscow, according to which he received a suspended sentence, said that will not be able to leave Russia until you pay him a penalty assigned.

“I can travel from Moscow to anywhere in Russia, but cannot leave the country until you pay 800 thousand rubles to the Ministry of culture, which I definitely don’t… I’m not a thief, I’m not a crook,” said the Director, expressing hope that he would one day be able to count on a fair trial and an acquittal.