Inept doctor disfigured face clients during beauty treatments and brought a dangerous infection which girl’s lips were swollen and covered with bruises. It is reported by The Sun.

the 22-year-old Bethany McPherson (Bethany MacPherson) from Scotland appealed to the beautician, to make the lips smooth and symmetrical. The patient paid 50 pounds (13 100), but after the session she had complications and she had to go to the hospital.

According to McPherson, after the procedure on the left side of her upper lip formed a lump. Specialist tried to remove it, but her actions proved unsuccessful. “The doctor has agreed that it should not be, so offered me to go back again,” said the victim.

a few months Later the girl had another injection, but the upper lip twisted even more swollen and started to hurt. McPherson took a picture of my lips and sent the beautician. The specialist in turn recommended her to go immediately to the hospital. “I was in the hospital for four hours in fear that they will lose lip”, — said the Scot. She was sent home and advised to cool lips.

Gradually, the swelling has started to subside, but his lips McPherson continued to hurt. One day after a visit to the dentist she fainted. “In the same hospital that treated my failed fillers, I was diagnosed with sepsis”, — said the girl.

as a result, she spent two weeks in the hospital and was cured by antibiotics. It is known that MacPherson went to a lawyer to write a complaint against a cosmetic clinic.

In January, the beautician mutilated lips 37-year-old Helen Busby (Busby Helen). The client had to see a specialist three times to achieve the desired result. During one of the operations from the top of the woman’s lips started bleeding, and after a few weeks the lip has burst. Later it turned out that it happened because of the infection recorded during the procedure.