the Chief Director of the Central theater of the Russian Army, winner of Moscow Prize, people’s artist of Russia Boris Morozov goes for a well deserved rest after 25 years. The message on it appeared on the official website of the theatre.

the Chief Director Boris Morozov began in 1995. A quarter of a century he has trained many students and has staged 26 performances. Among them, “Much ADO about nothing” by William Shakespeare, “King of Fyodor Ivanovich” A. K. Tolstoy, “the Cabal of hypocrites” by J. B. Moliere, “Red wheel” by Solzhenitsyn.

on the Eve of June 16, Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation – chief military-political control of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov presented to Boris Morozov departmental medal for the invaluable contribution to the creative life of the Theatre of the Russian Army.

“the staff of the theatre would like to thank Boris Afanasievich for his enormous contribution to the performing arts, many years of fun and creative life of the theater and looks forward to further cooperation”, – stated in the message.