meanwhile, as welcomed in the district, today the birth rate in Ugra two times higher than the death rate. So, in the first quarter of 2020, there appeared 4886 kids, including 80 twins. And died 2679 people.

In January, the national village Kayukova Surgut district opened the only missing region FAPs. As a result, today primary care is the Ugrian people in 69 rural health posts and 31 local hospital.

At the site of Nyagan polyclinics and dispensaries in the village of Talinka Oktyabrsky district government implemented a pilot project for the extract of preferential medicines with the help of mobile apps. In the end, only three months the doctors gave 650 electronic prescriptions and served 290 patients. Until the end of the year, this convenient service will be introduced in all medical institutions of Yugra.

in addition, at the beginning of the year in Nyagan opened a branch of the center of medicine of accidents. It has accelerated the delivery of patients Beloyarsk, Oktyabrsky, Konda and Soviet areas in the medical centers in the region. In the region of based aircraft and five Mi-8 helicopters. All of them are round the clock ready to fly. For the first three months of the year they made 430 sorties, evacuated 698 people.

in order to carry out planned preventive maintenance in inaccessible and remote areas, in Ugra used mobile medical complexes. For the current winter Advisory-diagnostic help doctors gave 4559 the Ugrian people of the fifteen settlements.

a year in Surgut cardiology has a modern CT scanner, and in Russia as a whole, there are only five pieces. Since the beginning of the survey it passed two thousand of Ugra people. And before the end of the year will be another seven thousand.

For the first three months of this year, the doctors of the region had a 1590 heart surgeries, 1023 endovascular intervention. Surgeons of the district had two operations for kidney transplants and one liver transplant.

Today in Ugra work 8576 doctors. And, as with the hope of predicting in the region by the end of the year their number should increase by 146 experts. There are all the promises: the base health of the region is considered one of the best in Russia. For doctors there are special conditions to enable them to move and work in the region.