the Most expensive areas of the Moscow region remain the Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk, considered by experts of the Federal portal “World apartments”. For 22 million rubles to buy, for example, modern building with panoramic glazing area of about 300 square meters in a gated village. Slightly cheaper property in the Mytishchi district (an average of 17.7 million rubles for the house), followed by Lenin and Istra districts (11.3 8.9 million rubles, respectively). Attractive objects here too – for example, for 9 million rubles, you can buy a comfortable house with an area of 244 “square” and 10 minutes from the Istra reservoir.

Most budget options are located far from Moscow – in Serebryano-Prudskiy and Ozersk districts (both about 150 kilometers from the capital). Here you can buy a house for less than a million rubles – for example, the classic dacha in SNT. Panoramic Windows and 300 square meters do not promise, but for 950 thousand rubles offered summer house on a plot of 6 acres, outbuilding, outdoor shower and toilet on the plot.

a Bit more expensive – 1-1,2 million roubles – worth giving in zarais’ke, Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Lukhovitsy districts. For example, 85 km from MKAD on nosovihinskoe highway for 1.15 million rubles, you can buy a two-storey brick house with area of 70 square meters on a plot of 12 acres. The village has electricity and a well, nearby – forest and lake.

according to experts, the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest districts of the Moscow region is up to 20 times. The average for the region for the country is invited to pay 5.15 million rubles. And for the last year at home has risen in 31 of the 38 districts of the Moscow region – an average of 4.8 percent. Leaders in price growth began Mytishchi and Orekhovo-Zuyevo districts (plus of 8.2% and 8%, respectively).

because Of the isolation, according to experts, many citizens were thinking about buying suburban ground where you can hide from the evils of the pandemic. “However, you to make intended difficult, and to ripen to buy, it takes time, – believes Director General of the Federal portal “World apartments” Pavel Lutsenko.- The most impatient drove off in rented cottages, and buyers eyeing and is closely monitoring the situation on the market. Someone is waiting until things calm down to a panic not to pay someone not sure about future income and temporarily postpones the purchase. Most likely, the demand, and prices will increase along with the weakening of quarantine measures towards the autumn”.

This conclusion is confirmed by a survey of potential buyers of suburban the low-rise housing conducted by real Estate company KASKAD. Buy a house plan in the fall of 53 per cent of respondents. Experts attribute this to the fact that 46 percent of respondents this time expected stabilization of the economiction of the situation. With more than half of the customers, predict and rising prices in the course of this year.

that price growth this year can not be avoided, confident and Deputy General Director of KASKAD real Estate Olga Magiline. As a deterrent, she said, will play a reduced consumer demand due to isolation. “But the weakening of the ruble, which has already caused a rise in the price of imported building and finishing materials, as well as rising prices in General on most goods and services within the country, ignore, will not happen”, – predicts expert.

in mid-April, the specialists of the portal “World apartments” noted that market supply of country houses are reduced – the owners began to remove their assets from sale, in order to pass them, until there is a demand. “According to our estimates, the market supply sales declined in March and April by 15 percent, and the rental market grew by 24 percent. The trend is likely to continue in may and June,” – said Pavel Lutsenko.

Experts give a number of recommendations for those who decided to postpone the sale of the house. To successfully rent it, communication should be kept in good order, and the house and land clean. The house, which had planned to sell, often not been used in years. They were standing abandoned, without repair. So now is the time to pay attention to them to make money on a lease.

“it is Not excluded that the situation with the pandemic and the isolation will force people to reconsider their position in relation to the countryside houses and summer cottages. Perhaps many, promykavshis all summer in the apartment or having lived outside the city as tenants will decide to buy his house. But this decision should ripen. If the results will be, we will see them closer to the end of the summer season,” – says Pavel Lutsenko.