the National institutes of health decided to halt the trials of hydroxychloroquine as a medication to combat the coronavirus, said in a message released today. Clinical trials were conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of the substance in the treatment COVID-19. They showed that the drug is harmless, however, it is of little use.

the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis decided to discontinue clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine, But in this case, the reason is that for testing failed to recruit the necessary number of patients. A similar decision this week adopted the world health organization and the American health regulator FDA.

the US President Donald trump said earlier that taking the hydroxychloroquine in the prevention of coronavirus. However, a number of studies showed no benefit from this drug.

Seriously about anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine contains the talking in March 2020 after the publication of the reports of the French physicians. The Marseilles group of doctors described the effect of the use of its combination with the antibiotic. The results are encouraging for patients with mild symptoms. This suggests that the infected can recover without such medical intervention.