Will be demand for travel on ships.

Passenger navigation Moscow river opens with a delay of two months. From Tuesday the city will resume regular water transport. How to prepare to receive guests boats and water-taxis? And what limitations may face the passengers? This — Vladislav Victorov and Olga Sergienko.

book a tour through one of the most popular river routes from ustyinsky bridge to the Kiev station, for example, or to watch the fireworks from the boat — another summer fun will be available for residents this Tuesday.

General Director of “Mosfiloti” Dmitry Frolov in an interview with “Kommersant FM” said that Muscovites are just starting to be interested in walking on water. While demand for corporate events or high school Proms, which are often held on ships, this year is not great.

“the Ultraviolet lamp set, machining all surfaces every two hours, and social distance. Lines make ribbons for all the space ships. Corporate events are very few, mostly private events, small. The returns are very large at the graduation. Of course, there are shifts from some classes. Balance somewhere 30% of those orders that was winter. In June, demand usually once in five six more than now. Same with selling tickets for the river walk. 24th will be a salute to the Victory parade, and the demand, of course, is not happy. Although we have lowered the price on some trips by 20 percent,” — said Frolov.

low interest parents of high school students to the Grand river walks producer of the Agency holidays “Knyazev,” Sergey Knyazev explains the shift of dates of upcoming state exams. Especially because of the all-Russian prom will be held on June 27th online. In the Ministry of education explained that the celebrations in the usual format, only subject to the requirements of the CPS, can go after the exam. However, according to Sergey Knyazev, active booking of banquets on ships is already underway, most plan weddings and corporate events

“We are already discussing the subject that was not overpriced, as soon as navigation opens. Heard us, so the price is acceptable for the rental of such boats, and now a wave of orders for July, mid-August to mid-September is booking banchetto, even places of rest”.

Tuesday will have to wait and yacht clubs. Although the owners of the vessels could set sail in late April, for example, the book barge was not.

Switch the summer season had a serious impact on the earnings of the companies, said Manager Royal Yacht Club Moscow Ilya Miri. According to his observations, for April and may compared with the previous year SPROS fell into two-three times. Recovery hurt more by the factor that some customers will not be able to return to their ships from their winter sites from other countries, says Ilya Miri:

“it Wasn’t easy because, despite the fact that in principle it was possible to go, so many people due precautions didn’t do it. Now there is a high demand, people were drawn to the water. May 1 starts the summer season in yacht clubs. In may and in mid-April, people who at this time last year was standing here, was two-three times more. A serious decline has occurred, now with a scolding. A abroad now I can’t access, and therefore tend to be on the water in a particular format. We, in turn, as yacht club, prices do not change, that is, the cost of participation in regattas and in training remained the same. If we talk about small boats up to 10 m, it somewhere in the area of 10-15 thousand rubles. per hour. If it is a motor yacht 15-17 m, 25-35 thousand rubles. per hour.”

by the Way, resumes and the channel name of Moscow, and it means that gradually will start to revive the market of river cruises. Especially because most of the applicants from their plans due pandemic not refuse.

As told to “Kommersant FM” cruise company, one of the requirements for the passengers will be the so-called letter, which confirms that the tourist has contact with ill COVID-19. It is signed on the first day of the cruise. If still one of the passengers falls ill, it placed in the ambulance box.