In the UK the Amateur archaeologist named Andy Bassett with the help of metal detectors found on a plowed field the seal of the Pope, whose age, presumably, is about 700 years.

according to The Catholic Universe, the discovery already passed the mandatory evaluation procedure by experts of the British Museum, after which it was officially registered.

a Unique artifact was found in Shropshire. It is noteworthy that it was jubilee 1.5 million archaeological site, which in Britain was found, archaeologists-lovers. According to the “Law of treasures” from 1996, such “finders” have to report all findings to the local coroner.

Print is in good condition. It is made of lead and resembles a coin. Experts believe that the artifact belonged to Pope innocent IV, whose papacy began in 1243. He used the seal for political purposes and for religious purposes.

According to Peter Revill from the British Museum, the seal could be in Shropshire because my Dad had tried to enlist the support of king Henry III in his claims to Sicily.

There is another version according to which the Pope could send a letter with his seal to some rich and powerful man. This was practiced in the Middle ages. Rich people could donate to the Church a large amount of money in exchange for his soul. In fact, I bought the release from purgatory.

“We don’t know exactly who he [the Pope] sent a letter, says Peter Revill. We only know that it is a lead seal.”

By the way, recently, the British Museum and the magazine BBC History Magazine has published a list of 10 most important discoveries of Amateur archaeologists for the past 23 years. It includes the Golden Cup of Ringler, 2581 coin, known as the treasure of the Chu valley and the Staffordshire hoard – the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold.