According to the head of Park Igor Belonogov, well there in 2013, but due to the increase in hydrogen sulfide content had to temporarily refrain from drinking water from groundwater source to a depth of 68 meters.

– Then, we again passed the water samples to Pyatigorsk and received a certificate of conformity for drinking, ordered all the useful minerals, he said. – In addition, repeated chemical analyses of water conducted by the Centre of hygiene and epidemiology in Krasnodar Krai, showed that the spring water is retained its mineral properties. We changed the sink to a new marble in the shape of a quatrefoil, set the valves and extra filters.

For the Central district of Sochi mineral springs – a rarity. Basically all of them are in the mountains. And this source is not enough that is located in the lowlands of the mountains, and even in the city center.

How to tell the experts from the ancient time black sea coast of Western Caucasus is famous for its unique healing mineral springs, as evidenced by numerous scientific studies.

– the spring and the properties of its water was known even at the time of purchase of the plot of the founder of the Park “arboretum” Sergei Hudecova, says the Sochi ethnographer Dmitry Krivoshapka. – Hydrological investigations of the source showed the presence of mineral and medicinal properties. It malaiarisoon mineral water hydrocarbonate sodium composition. The source has been preserved to our times – in the Soviet time it was refurbished, and for convenience, is made the pump room. This unique source of more than 125 years.

the composition of the water is unique. It is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the esophagus, metabolic, urinary tract, gastritis, intestines, stomach, and duodenum. In addition to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to use in disorders of musculoskeletal and nervous systems, as well as to strengthen the overall state of the body in the prevention.

Drink spring water available for free. Its mineral properties it maintains throughout the day. Soon near the pump room in the sale will be plastic cups and bottles.