Hackers bowed to the cooperation of several employees of the company and with the help of their accounts entered in the accounts of American celebrities, the press service Twitter.

Experts suggest that the attackers used the so-called social engineering, to use some manipulation to persuade workers to disclose confidential information. As a result, hackers have gone through two factor authentication and got access to 130 accounts. In 45 of them initiated change password, login and sent a few messages about selling bitcoins. In addition, the hackers downloaded data about accounts to the eight accounts. The company is trying to contact their owners.

According to Forbes, the investigation of a hacker attack was connected FBI. The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce requires a response, what actually happened. It became known that hackers broke into the accounts of the candidate in presidents of the United States Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. The list didn’t account President Donald trump. The action of hackers, given the upcoming US presidential elections is a politically sensitive nature.