Director of the research Institute Sklifosovsky, corresponding member of RAS Sergey Petrikov said that the incubation period of the infection, coronavirus infection can last up to three weeks. The physician also drew attention to the sharp rise in the number of severe patients with COVID-19.

Petrikov urged Russians not to relax ahead of time and not to leave the house because the virus is able to develop asymptomatic in the body for three weeks. Violation of the regime of self-isolation can lead to a new outbreak.

“So it goes on, and again we will have to introduce tough measures,” said the doctor in an interview with TV channel “Russia 1”, urging more responsible attitude to the quarantine.

the Head of one of the leading medical centers of the country noted that over the past few weeks has increased dramatically the number of severe patients who require oxygen support but also ventilation. “They develop a serious pneumonia, which occurs very quickly,” said Petrikov.

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