the Government of Moscow and the capital’s business community has developed an algorithm of actions for the self-employed during the time of the restrictions. All relevant information collected in one document.

it contains information about the rules for receiving the digital passes, the peculiarities of obtaining unemployment benefits for people who removed from the register. In addition, the document provides information on the support measures for self-employed, registered as individual entrepreneurs: the opening of an account for receipt of funds, participation in procurement, as well as aggregators, platforms, and marketplaces.

With the advent of support measures for those who works for himself and has no employees, the list of algorithms will be updated.

the working group included representatives of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovation development, Department for competition policy, project, mbm.mos, office for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of subjects of investment and entrepreneurial activity, urban center employment, self-employed citizens as well as representatives of sites-aggregators and employers.

“At the moment, the most vulnerable category of self-employed: some of them are those who lost permanent job in recruiting, and the other part — those who had low income. Institute for self-employed — is not entirely clear state innovation and, therefore, this important group economically active citizens are not yet able to protect their interests along with small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why we launched a special working group, the results of which will contribute to the rapid growth and flexible management of employment. I hope this initiative will serve as a useful example for other regions of the country”, — noted Yuliya Alferova, the head of the working group, the Director of one of the centers of excellence.

the working group can join the experts to improve and develop the Institute of self-employed to develop a consolidated position in terms of support measures and administrative barriers. To connect to activities on updating the algorithms, you must send a request by e-mail:

Benefits, deferred and tax breaks: as will protect the business during coronavirus

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