a New measure prevent the spread of coronavirus infection has taken in the Sakhalin region. On behalf of the mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Sergey Nadsady in public transport installed special dispensers with antiseptic to all passengers at the entrance to process the hand.

– We use an alcohol skin antiseptic with disinfectant, which is used in medicine. It protects the hands of the person up to three hours. In one eight-hour shift on the same bus is used about 500-600 ml of this fluid, – said the acting Director of the MUP “Transport company” Alexander Balankin.

pour the Sanitizer twice a day. Staff carefully ensure that the dispensers were not empty. Now, transport enterprises of the city there are three hundred liters of liquid. This will last for a couple of weeks. Stocks are going to constantly replenish. In addition, save the new rule disinfection plan and after the end of the epidemic.

bus Drivers say the passengers quickly got used to innovation and hands work willingly.

Recall that in city buses daily and special tools handle handrails, seatbacks, Windows, floors and doors. And with April 15 in the transport acts mask mode.

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