In 2014 you in the Altay state musical theatre. How did you decide to move to Siberia? By the way, at the time Director of the theater was the Roman Ilin, and I remember he said: “Our conductor and amazing soloist found – if only to keep her here!”

Julia Bashkatova: I got here because of the fair singers, held in Yekaterinburg. There is the main conductor of theatre Evgenie Z. Hutchin heard me and invited to Barnaul. It was a surprise. Mom took the news calmly, and my dad was stunned: “Where is it?” Looked at the Atlas: “It’s four thousand kilometers from Rostov!” Mom had some good ideas: “Let him go, will check – back is always will.”

I was immediately given leading roles in the performances. Started with “the Princess of circus” and then was “Bat”, “Maritza”, “Bayadere”, “the Gypsy Baron”. I am most and bribed – it was a role that not even dreamed of for many newcomers, they can literally swim in the emotions. Yes, I sang and danced, but in dramatic skill was weak. Really got me here, what I’m thankful for the main Director Konstantin Aleksandrovich Yakovlev and his assistant Tatyana Gennadievna Stolbovsky.

Operetta in Barnaul and Rostov – two big differences. Just stand there and sing, and live here on stage. The emotion and energy of working together on stage – that’s what I fell in love with the theatre. Somewhere you can be proud of the chandelier for three million, and we have the creative priorities.

As for the vocals, to realize themselves help solo concerts. I found the associate – head of production Department of musical theatre Benjamin G. Tataurova. We’ve had a number of classical music concerts, and also made last year a recital with songs about the great Patriotic war, which is very dear to me. I was preparing to speak with him on this Victory Day, but had to be postponed for September. The impulse to make this concert was the role of Rita Osenini in the musical “the dawns here are quiet…” – a play on the rupture of the aorta. But I still broke my arm.

During a performance?

Julia Bashkatova: At the beginning of the second act fell off the ramp and sang then with a crippled wrist. My partner grabbed my hand screamed with pain on the stage. The ambulance arrived: “Where is the injured?” – “Wait – the play play”. The fracture was offset. Broke his hand in late April and in early June was to be held a solo concert. The cast just got removed, and I sang with still undeveloped hand. When I sing songs of war, stand before the eyes of the picture of movies about the great Patriotic war. One of my great-grandfather went missing at Kursk, the other came to Berlin.

There is an expression “Odessa – Mama, ��skeleton – dad.” What it means to be a resident of Rostov?

Julia Bashkatova: People have hot temper. One word – southerners. This is particularly noticeable in contrast with the Siberians. Siberians are more relaxed, soft, warm, open. Differences are associated with the others life better. In Rostov the people are more abrupt, his words do not climb. The don of old lived freedom-loving people.

In the novel of Sholokhov “the Quiet don”, the main character Grigori Melekhov is torn between his wife Natalia and mistress Aksinya. You who are closer?

Julia Bashkatova: Oh, what a question! Each in its own close. Natalya and Aksinya – generalized images of wonderful Russian women. And Gregory caught between two fires.

In Melekhova you would fall?

Julia Bashkatova: Yes.

Now I can call myself a Siberian?

Julia Bashkatova: Yes, I love winter and the cold. In Rostov the snow is a rarity, if it fell, they would immediately remove the phone and put in social networks.

In Novosibirsk several years successfully worked with the project “Silentium”. Three local graduates of the Conservatory were doing the original arrangements of famous songs. In their video for “Love, Komsomol and spring” sings the soloist of the Novosibirsk Opera Tatyana Kostina. Do you want to try something like that?

Julia Bashkatova: Thought about it. I love rock music. Happy recently went to a concert of Valery Kipelov. Know by heart many songs from the good old “Aria” – the texts in this group is extraordinary, deep. A love of rock comes from the Pope. My brother used to fall asleep to the songs of rock bands. “Dad, turn it down some” – “Julia, this is a lullaby. Sleep!”

Operatic voice and the rock is an interesting synthesis, many do. I’d also tried with a worthy performers.

do You consider yourself a don Cossack?

Julia Bashkatova: my character has a rod Cossack – I am hard by nature. Is my grief and my happiness. Love the freedom. Will never do what is contrary to my life principles. Of course, such a character does not help to get along in a group and quickly build a career. I have all hard going, but the more valuable what you can achieve. Inner freedom gives birth to freedom, freedom of thoughts. Frame not for me. If I get, still find a way to escape.

When Julia Bashkatova more involved in the College, she came for a preliminary audition to the Conservatory. Head of the Department of Opera singing Margarita Hudaverdieva said, “Well, what voice you put?” – “Dramatic soprano”. – “Darling! Dramatic soprano is one voice in a million. You don’t have it”.

After studying for a year at the Conservatory, Julia after passing the exams, found out that Margarita said her teacher Natalia PPetrovoj: “she’s a real dramatic soprano!”.