He lived to a very advanced age.

the zoo has died the alligator Mississippi Saturn, which supposedly belonged to Hitler.

according to the zoo animal died of old age. He was 84, which is considered to alligators very respectable age. In the wild the lifespan of this species is 30-50 years.

Does, polirani of Moscow zoo (@moscow_zoo_official) 23 Tra 2020 R. about 2:20 PDT

Saturn was born in the US around 1936. From there he was taken to the Berlin zoo where she disappeared after the bombing on 23 November 1943. After three years, he found British soldiers and handed over to the Soviet Union. In July 1946, the Saturn arrived in Moscow. Almost immediately the myth that he allegedly was in Hitler’s collection.

In the Moscow zoo alligator lived for 74 years.

“He was fastidious, and could remember the trusted keepers, loved massage brush, and if he something don’t like, could bite through steel mitts to feed and concrete scenery”, — told in the zoo.

the Saturn’s Memory will be immortalised in the Darwin Museum.

Anna Lysenko

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