According to the audiologist, during the epidemic it began to complain many times more people than before. And no runny nose and General malaise they have.

Asymptomatic CoViD-19 — this is the very reason why the doctors require it, cry out, even “charge” (Yes, one doctor in an interview said so) — to wear masks. Many people angrily asking why do it, “I’m not sick”. Hopefully, not get sick, but only SARS-CoV-2 in your breath may be.

But in fact there is a symptom that can signal “I’m not ill”. The lack of coffee flavor. Food. Spirits. That is, when the common cold is no, but odors not feel. Otolaryngologist Alexei Koshelev in an interview with Life told that with the beginning of the epidemic people with this complaint began coming to him ten times more.

Before the coronavirus is interpreted as a sign of one of two problems: inflammation or neurological disease. It is worth mentioning that anosmia (the scientific name for loss of smell) is in traumatic brain injuries, tumors, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Now, judging by the observations of Dr. Kosheleva, one such a patient has about thirty some other — suspicious — cases.

As described earlier in the research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur, the smells cease to feel about 60% of cases of coronavirus. Similar studies conducted in many countries. In France from 402 patients with CoViD-19 anosmia was identified in 86% in Italy, examined two hundred cases, and found a loss of smell, 64% in the U.S. this figure amounted to 68% (the study covered more than a hundred people). And, for example, Iran has tested 60 people and have 59 (!) of them was total or partial “olfactory dysfunction”.

But all this is sick. That is, they felt a distinct discomfort and went to be treated. Meanwhile, for example, the British otolaryngologists in March reported on the rapidly growing number of cases where loss of smell for infected Kovalam is the only symptom.

At king’s College London have developed a special mobile application to collect data about the symptoms CoViD-19. It was downloaded 1.5 million people. According to the researchers, of which about 50-70 thousand complained of anosmia or loss of sense of taste. Now scientists believe that just “missed” this information from view — not given it a value in time, because more about any changes in health, these people are not reported.

At the University of California interviewed 59 patients with confirmed coronavirus — 68% said they did not feel smells. Scientists have noted that none of them hospitalizatiI was not required. In this case the resulting figure was twice as high as the result of earlier similar studies in hospitals. Of this the epidemiologists concluded that the anosmia gives hope for a more mild course of the disease, i.e. the infection thrives in the nasopharynx, but not going in the lungs.

Research found that the coronavirus affects the Central nervous system through penetration through olfactory receptors. In addition, in the epithelium identified the most special of protein structures for which the “cling” with their spines coronavirus particles. Polish scientists also noted that in the experiment on mice especially a lot of these structures were in the noses of older animals. According to the researchers, this explains why the disease often affects older people.

Alex Koshelev meanwhile do not exclude that the loss of smell when CoViD-19 can be once associated with inflammation in the circulatory system.

the Fact that who added the lack of smell with a list of possible symptoms CoViD-19 only in April — months after the beginning of the epidemic, is the physician outrage.

the Doctor said that the sudden disappearance of odors must be isolated and be evaluated.

the Audiologist emphasized that we can only guess how many infected by the coronavirus passed us today in the store. Moreover, according to him, we don’t even always know for certain whether there is kovid us. The test results for this infection it is evaluated: if “Yes”, then do so, but if “no”, it is not yet known.

Adel Romanenkova