picture Quality on the TV screen Russians should be “chetverochku”. This follows from the draft of the new order of communications. The requirements document for quality of image and sound on TV and radio, placed on the Portal of projects of normative-legal acts.

the document says about the publicly accessible mandatory TV and radio channels. Operators have to keep the speed of the information flow at the level of: not less than 3.0 Mbit/s for video and 192 Kbps for audio. But the criteria for determining the quality of picture and sound more than subjective. It is planned to introduce a five-point scale. “Five” – the interference imperceptible to the eye and ear of the viewer or listener. Four points – “noticeable, but not interfere”. Three, the mobile operator will receive, if transmit videos and music from interference which at least makes it a little difficult. Two points – “prevent interference” (not much and not less). “Unsatisfactory” ISP officials will set if the image is floating, rattles, breaks and all sorts of other ways disturbs the viewer to relax in front of the television. Unacceptable from the point of view of the office noise, impulse noise and poor colour. In addition, operators will prohibit unauthorized to remove from the video content, closed captioning, Teletext, the electronic guide information, and messages emergency services in case of a technogenic catastrophe or war.

If you are a lover of TV will suddenly discover on your the blue screen “noise”, he can complain to the regional Department of Roskomnadzor.