In the Krasnodar region deputies agreed changes to the local law, the allocation of land to large families. Previously they could claim the land only where prescribed. Because the number of municipalities formed a queue because of a shortage of land. The changes approved by deputies of the Kuban legislative Assembly at the next session 41. “Now, families with three or more children living in the region for at least five years, unable to land in any rural village without reference to registration by place of residence”, – said the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev.

the new rules there is another side – in the regional administration assured that it will have a positive impact on the development of municipalities, including rural areas. “We expect that migration of young families in the village will support the development of those territories,” adds Kondratiev. Only this year is planned to allocate two thousand such sites.

it is Planned to simplify the procedure of obtaining land. Now large families will immediately become owners of the land, and not to take it out. “And can dispose of land at their discretion – if you wish to sell the land and spend the money for purchase of ready housing or payment on the mortgage”, – said the Governor. Also in the property will be able to register their land and have already received their 16.5 thousand people.