Actress Love Tolkalina interview told me that she broke up with the composer from the UK Simon bass.

In an interview with newspaper 42-year-old actress said that almost three months was in the village, following the mode of self-isolation. Quarantined celebrity enjoyed nature, learned to play the guitar and lost his love.

According to her, all this time, she and Simon talked on the phone, and at one point came to the conclusion that you will not be able to be together, living in different countries.

“Wise people have told me that this self-isolation, the virus were all put in the place where they should be,” he shared details Tolkalina.

In March, Lyubov Tolkalina in the course of communication with followers on Instagram announced his wedding. Some time later it turned out that the star thus joked in response to inappropriate remark one of the Internet users. In fact, they lived with the bass in unregistered marriages in the two countries.