Looks, though strange, but not protivoestestven.

a Reddit User with the nickname SlurpedMustache published online a short video with an unusual snake. Video he titled “non-Slip snake” and it perfectly describes what is happening.

A non slithering snake

In the video, shot quite a plump snake, active in motion as if moved by the small legs, hidden under the skin. Overall, she was very like a huge caterpillar.

Users were surprised a similar gait, but as it turned out, this “walk” for reptiles are not uncommon. Some snakes (mostly large and heavy) try not to waste energy on the slide, and therefore learned to “walk” by tensing their abdominal muscles undulating movements.

And the main character of this strange video users recognized the noisy adder, which, despite a funny gait, is poisonous and very dangerous.

Catherine Gura

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