Even such unromantic things as industrial fishing, can look incredibly beautiful if you find the right shooting point.

a Photographer from Viet Nam Khan Fan took a picture for a draught of anchovies from the air. The girl long shoots using a drone and has won many prestigious awards in this field.

Does, polirani Khánh Phan (@ptkhanhhvnh) 4 Tra 2020 R. 3:52 PDT

In pictures Khan Fan of colorful fishing boats contrast with the bright green water, and creating fantastic shapes, resembling a tail fabulous fish, the leaves of tropical plants or the wings of butterflies.

All images were taken in An hải, in the province of Phu yen.

Does, polirani Khánh Phan (@ptkhanhhvnh) 3 Tra 2020 R. 4:16 PDT

Does, polirani Khánh Phan (@ptkhanhhvnh) 2 Tra 2020 R. 9:42 PDT

Does, polirani Khánh Phan (@ptkhanhhvnh) 13 Tra 2020 R. 5:26 PDT

Anna Lysenko

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