The key to a successful holiday season in the Crimea is the opening of a full-fledged transport communication with the Peninsula, which is determined by the lowest incidence of COVID-19, said the head of the Republican Committee of Parliament on tourism, resorts and sports Alexey Chernyak.

"we Must understand that there are bronies who "hang" even in the month of April, and people don’t know whether to leave them or leave. Now it is unclear when it will be launched interregional message – train and air. And all of this depends on if the messages will not be – what kind of filling (hotels, boarding houses, sanatoria) to say? While we have not even begun the first phase (the opening of the spas with a medical license), so while holiday season in July-August to be specific is difficult," said Chernyak RIA Novosti.

Responding to a question on what percentage of rejection of reservation in the larger hotels and resorts, Cherniak said,

"all different. There is armor, there is armor organizations for their employees, there is the armor, which endured…Someone picks up, someone left, someone froze the money from the tour operator – that is, tour trips there, but the resorts money is not transferred. Now something is difficult to calculate".

The success of the holiday season, according to Cherniak, is the low incidence of novel coronavirus infection in the region and, as a consequence, the opening of a full-fledged transport communication with the Crimea.

Earlier, the press service of the Simferopol airport said that in the period of may holidays on the background of the spread of coronavirus, the hub served 14 times fewer passengers than in the same period of 2019. Passenger railway communication with Crimea is carried out by two trains from Moscow to Simferopol and Saint Petersburg – Sevastopol. Fell sharply compared to the 2019 year the number of cars on the Crimean bridge and through checkpoints from Ukraine.

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said earlier that sanatoria, boarding houses and hotels of Crimea will be able to start work from June 15, but only for the reception of the Crimeans in accordance with the requirements of the CPS. Preparing for the opening of resorts, hotels, boarding houses, ready to fulfill the health requirements can begin from 1 June.

The total number of infected for the time to may 30, in the Crimea has reached 385, said on Sunday the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov. Recovered for the entire period of 229 people.

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