In Moscow over the past 24 hours has recorded 1068 new cases of coronavirus.

It is reported oberstab to combat disease. Thus the total number of cases of coronavirus in the Russian capital reached 215 014.

The number of victims of the pandemic among the residents of Moscow a day increased by 20 people and has reached 3 617. While recovered in the last 24 hours 1 114 people. The total number of patients with the coronavirus that has overcome the disease at the moment is 136 670.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia revealed 592 280 cases over the past day — 7 600. The total number of victims increasing by 95 people reached 8 206. This 4 705 patients who recover from a coronavirus, was released from Russian hospitals in recent days. Since the beginning of the pandemic in the country has recovered 344 416 people with COVID-19.

Earlier wrote that in Moscow opened a photo exhibition “Thank you doctors” dedicated to the work of doctors during a pandemic. To see pictures of you on Chistoprudny and Tverskoy and Gogolevsky boulevards.