Useful on food stamps No Secret by Valerya is no demand.

Recently Iosif Prigozhin said publicly about the plight of artists, in which they were due to pandemic coronavirus, and received many critical remarks in the address, even from their own colleagues. Now it became known that in a plight was the business of the producer and his wife in the production and distribution of diet.


Publish from iosif prigozhin (@prigozhin_iosif) 12 Jun 2020 7:52 PDT

The company “good Food style” Prigogine and Valeria founded with artist Emin Agalarov two years ago and patented a brand No Secret by Valerya, which was made diet food. At first the business was quite popular. Soon, however, the demand for products decreased, so the company began to suffer losses. Currently, the company remains in the red by nearly five million rubles and is on the verge of bankruptcy.


Publish from iosif prigozhin (@prigozhin_iosif) 27 May 2020 3:24 PDT

When the state began to allocate compensation to companies affected by the pandemic, Prigogine has filed an application to receive the minimum wage for each employee in the amount of 12130 rubles. However, he was denied compensation because the producer was fired some employees in March, before the announcement of quarantine measures.

However, the star wife has not yet made any public statements on the matter, and on the company’s page in Instagram, buyers are still offer a wide range of useful products.