In St. Petersburg rescued a young moose that swam across the sea.

Moose, floating in the Gulf of Finland in Sestroretsk (Kurortny district of St. Petersburg), first saw the staff of the rescue services. According to them, the animal was exhausted, terrified and could not go ashore. Rescuers appealed to the St. Petersburg Committee for nature use.

Arrived at the specialists of the Committee suggested that moose reached the shore of the Bay from the forest (in these places, a lot of them), saw people and got scared, but not rushed back into the forest, and in the water, which was for him a trap. “He’s young, so quickly tired,” – noted the Committee.

Moose not only could he drown, but represented a real danger for vacationers because to predict the behavior of a frightened elk is almost impossible. Experts decided to immobilize the animal. In such cases, use an air gun, loaded with tranq Darts. However, in this case the situation was complicated by the fact that floating the elk sedated he could choke. However, the rescue operation ended successfully – animal on special stretchers moved into the trailer and drove into the forest, in especially protected natural territory. In the forest, the moose recovered quickly, ate grass and disappeared among the trees.

experts of the Committee for nature use remind: the elk is a large and powerful wild animal, which should not be approached. He might attack if they sense danger. The right thing in this case is to convey information in mobile-hour environmental emergency service over the phone (812) 417-59-36.