From 1 June, with the start of the summer holiday season, Sochi was visited by more than 450 thousand visitors, and now it rest 170 thousand people.

the City already back to normal life: opened hotels, hotels, sanatoriums, canteens, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, swimming pools, water parks and water rides, tours resumed, – told Vice-the mayor Vladimir Pushkarev. Despite the limitations, we were getting ready for the summer season, understood how important is for our residents and guests from other regions of Russia high-quality recreation on the black sea coast of Sochi. However, we note that downloaded not only the coastal cluster. In the mountain cluster, which is usually popular during the winter season, is now virtually the same boot.

Prices for tours have risen rapidly. For example, if in the middle of July package proposal (including transfers) per person from Central Russia to the apartments of Krasnaya Polyana cost almost 15 thousand, now at twice the price.

the Most popular this season – premium sector: luxury hotels and five star hotels are already filled to 100 percent. Tour operators and hoteliers noted a steady growth of demand.

According to rest from the suburbs who came to the Grand hotel “Pearl” with her daughter and mother, she was forced Cyprus to change in Sochi.

For ten days “all inclusive” in Cyprus we paid 195 thousand rubles, and to have a rest in Sochi, I had to add nearly ten thousand, she said. – But there are going to sunbathe for two weeks. However, from meals – only breakfasts.

According to Deputy Director of the Sochi sanatorium “Svetlana” Zhirayr Petrosyan, now download is 95 percent, and the average is 70. This is due to the uncertain start of the season.

“October”, another popular the resorts of Sochi, the download for 130 percent (and the price is quite high, seven thousand rubles per person per day).

due to the fact that in a Suite, for example, in addition to a pair of adults can easily accommodate three children – said the Director of the sanatorium Olga Zaslavskaya.

this year’s popular tours and autumn: October and November are already booked most of the hotels and resorts.

– the Main advantages Sochi are nature and infrastructure – continued Vladimir Pushkarev. Special attention is paid to the observance of environmental norms, in particular, the quality of sea water. That is why 24 international ecocertification “Blue flag”, received this year Russian beaches, 21 – the beaches of Sochi. The city also is developing ecotourism. Alpine resorts are this year expanding the network of Hiking and Cycling routes of different difficulty levels and length.

One of the most attractive and promising areas in Sochi in agritourism, there are approximately 20 companies, p��animusic guests. Entrepreneurs equip the pump room with mineral water, produces organic dairy products, honey and wine, vegetables, fruits and tea, and also bred fish and more.

overall, Sochi is ready to offer around 100 of natural, cultural, historical, cultural-cognitive, entertaining and other objects. By the way, this year the route “the Golden ring of the Bosporan Kingdom” includes four attractions.

the Kuban this year was visited by more than 3.1 million tourists, of which 1.7 million since the beginning of summer. For comparison: last year the resorts of the Kuban came to about ten million visitors. This season the regional authorities are counting on seven million people.

As reported in the Ministry of resorts and tourism and the Olympic legacy, now take a rest more than four thousand accommodation facilities, the discovery of more than 300 beaches and facilities of turpokaza.