Animal rights activists of the Foundation of friends of the Baltic ringed seals returned to the nature of three grey seals: two females and a male. They were rescued and out of the centre’s staff.

One female, found in Lime, which had a purulent inflammation of the posterior part of the body, had to operate. They say she sailed from the animal the fastest. “Still surgical intervention under local anesthesia and long-term antibiotic therapy has made her a repulsive” – commented in the center.

a Second female found near Vyborg in a state of exhaustion. In addition, the pool she was injured other seals – she dug her teeth into the nose when divvying up the fish.

Male, taken from Kliuchevskoi, was long treated from heavy helminthiasis. But despite a long treatment, he established himself as a “seasoned, sensible and disciplined tylenis,” say the animal rights activists.

this year the staff of the center for the study and conservation of marine mammals was never a lot of baby seals and seals. Due to the abnormally warm winter and lack of ice, children were swept away from their mothers. 12 may poleconych and grown animals started to go into the Gulf of Finland and lake Ladoga.