All volunteers twenty people. They assist Junior medical staff to care for the sick. In addition, volunteers support patients psychologically.

All volunteers are accredited in the center of the city volunteers of St. Petersburg. They underwent additional training on interaction with older people, as well as for work in the spread of coronavirus infection, provided with personal protective equipment, including suits biological protection, designed for twelve hours.

– the Main task of our children – to talk to people, provide them with psychological help, show how to construct the hospital, and can answer household questions, if you need to call the doctor, – said the Deputy head of the Center for volunteers Dmitry Antonov.

Volunteers work in two shifts with the schedule two days through two. Eleven people worked first shift today and shared his impressions.

the Day began with the fact that we had a briefing, told how to use the remedies. We have trained, clothed in protective suits, we had a full tour, and we started to work with patients. They really responded positively. The main query is communication, it really is not enough people, – the volunteer tells Denis Moiseev, a member of the Russian red cross. – To staff our presence is also a joy: even in the conveying of food to patients for many. All this positively affects the General atmosphere, which leads to a quicker recovery, and less staff burn out at work.

– Patients willing to go with us on contact, – continues to volunteer Pavel Stepanov, student of the railway College. – Greeted us with a smile, talk about their youth, and we in turn tell them that now is happening in the world. The TV-something they have not here.

Konstantin Sementsov, Deputy chief of the Hospital for veterans of wars on surgery:

– Each of the patients talked today guys, felt more care, attention, care, received more help. The boys helped to feed the patients, to carry on research, to move. All this make life easier for our elderly patients, which we have about forty people.